Pollution of aquatic environments with microplastics/nanoplastics and emerging biological risks are of special concern as they may easily reach the food chain

The overall aim of the LAGOON project is related to setting up the right methodologies for sample processing, isolating and characterization of microplastics and emerging viruses along the water cycle and mollusks in the Comunitat Valenciana. Analyzing wastewater for emerging viral pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2, etiological agent of COVID-19, will allow local authorities tracking the pandemic within a given community and gaining preparedness for future local outbreaks. On top of that, characterization of emerging viruses in wastewater will provide relevant information to current vaccine and drug developments. Apart from determining the levels and types of MPs in wastewater, the circulation of MPs throughout the water cycle and their possible transfer to our diet will be investigated to determine whether the population is potentially exposed to these contaminants. The evaluation of toxicokinetics and toxicity of dietary microplastics, including the effects on the intestinal microbiome, will refine this risk assessment. LAGOON participants will develop and implement a data management plan and will provide visibility to the results derived from the project to the scientific community, general public and the industrial sectors.